Wedding Cakes

Wedding Cakes

Our most popular items are wedding cakes, which typically cost $4 per person. The total cost depends on cake size and how much customization you want. Additionally, we make a fresh first tier at the time of your first anniversary.


• Buttercream $4 per person
• Frosting with Fondant $5 per person
• Fondant $6 per person
*Price may vary according to design and shape.

Wedding Cake
A Fresh Top Tier Free On
Your 1st Anniversary!

Batter, Filling, & Icing

When it comes to flavors and types for batter, filling, and icing, you may feel spoiled for choices. All of them are delicious and if you are having trouble choosing, feel free to ask us for recommendations or even better, set up a tasting session.

Batter Flavors

Batter flavors range from crowd-pleasing favorites to innovative originals that will wow you and your guests. We offer the following scrumptious cake batter flavors:

• Almond
• Amaretto
• Banana Nut
• Blue Hawaiian
• Chocolate
• French Vanilla
• Orangecicle
• Red Velvet
• Strawberry
• Strawberry Swirl
• Tres Leches
• Yellow

Filling Flavors

Great fillings are part of what makes our cakes and cupcakes so popular. The flavors and textures we create can't be beaten. Choose from the following ambrosial fillings:

• Bavarian Mousse
• Blue Hawaiian Mousse
• Buttercream
• Caramel Mousse
• Chocolate Mousse
• Coffee Mousse
• Cream Cheese Mousse
• Dulce De Leche Mousse
• Lemon Mousse
• Margarita Mousse
• Orangecicle Mousse
• Pineapple Mousse
• Raspberry Mousse
• Strawberry Mousse
• Ganache (Extra Fee)

Icing Types

The pièce de résistance for any great cake or cupcake is, of course, the icing. In addition to tasting great, it needs to look beautiful too. That's why we offer buttercream, fondant, whip cream, and ganache icing. You can opt for a traditional look or a creative flight of fancy using fondant. It's up to you.